“What camera do i buy?”

I have been meaning to write this piece for a while now, as I get asked all the time “which camera should I buy.” Trying to catch up on some work as I lay in bed with chicken pox… if anyone has ever had it as an adult it is not the most enjoyable thing to go through. The first most important question is what do you want to use the camera for?

Is it a lifestyle accessory you wish to take with you everywhere to just capture the candid moments? Does it need to be able to take a beating whilst you backpack through Asia? Or is it for your food blog you have been thinking about starting (by the way your about 3 years to late on that one)

Three competing factors should affect your choice: budget, versatility (how many different situations does it work in) and performance (how good the pictures are)

The main systems are
– Camera Phones
– Compact Point & Shoot
– Micro 4/3
– DSLR/ Mirrorless

Below is a cheat sheet for the systems.

Camera Phone –
Camera Phones are great because everyone has one, they are already in your pocket, you don’t need to carry around another heavy object. Although they have their limitations, they are more made for a scene rather than anything specific in the image. For tips on how to use your iphone better click here.

Compact – Point & Shoot –
Personally I think these cameras have had their day. You can almost do everything you can do with a point and shoot with your camera phone. And sometimes I think it’s a better product with your phone.

MICRO 4/3 –
These cameras were designed to be much smaller and lighter than the “full frame” counter parts. Pros are the weight and size however cons are the zoomed in feel on all your images as the sensor has been cropped and results in poorer image quality.

DSLR – Mirrorless
The top of the range is always going to be the most appealing as they are the most versatile and give you the best image quality. Mirrorless cameras have come out with a boom in the past 2 years, with Sony leading the charge they are smaller in size and the quality isn’t to bad either!



I use this camera for a lot of my commercial work. This is a full frame camera and you will need to buy nice lenses to compliment it. There is no point buying a Ferrari then running cheap nasty tyres on it.

Pros – beautiful camera, great colour, easy to use
Cons – Big, bulky, needs extra cash invested for lenses.

Cost – $3000–body-only-


Sony A7ii – Mirrorless full frame
I personally use this camera as my travel camera. Its small, light, portable, can fit in a handbag and good quality. I don’t believe mirrorless cameras will take over the DSLR commercially however I do believe they will have a place in the market.

Price – $1899.00 Body only–body-only-

REVIEW of the Sony A7ii


Sony A6000 – Mirrorless
The baby brother of the A7, a great camera for the beginner with the added bonus of being small and compact. It’s a great camera to take travelling and easy to just have on you all the time.

$1099 with twins lens kit 16-50mm & 55- 210mm–16-50mm—55-210mm-oss-

REVIEW of Sony A6000

Canon 760d –

A great sensor on this camera will give you some nice images. Ergonomics is great as its not to big but not small. Easy enough to carry around in your bag but not to heavy you need a trolley for it.

Price – $1499 – with an all round 18 – 270mm lens (perfect for travelling)–tamron-18-270mm-di-ii-vc-pzd-lens-

REVIEW of the Canon 760d

Nikon d5500 –
In the same boat as the canon 750d above, its just all depends on the brand you prefer.

Price – $1749 with an 18- 200mm Lens–18-200mm-vrii–bonus-bag—battery

REVIEW of the Nikon d5500


Nikon d3300-
I don’t have too much to do with these types of cameras, however from what I have heard and what I have read they get the job done.
They obviously have their limitations, you wont be able to shoot the AFL with them or walk around at night time shooting candid street images.
How ever if you want a nice, compact, cheap camera that will take nice images of you and your family. To take that nice photo of you on your holiday or even that social media post you need to do for instagram. I’m sure this will do the job

Price – $849 with 2 kit lenses—55-200mm-vr-lenses-black-digital-slr-camera–black-

REVIEW of the Nikon d3300

Canon 100d –

Price – $999 with 2 kit lenses

Same as the above although i think the Nikon d3300 is a better value buy on this lower level type of camera.–18-55mm—55-250mm-is-stm-

REVIEW of the Canon 100D

Hopefully this helps, as with most things you get what you pay for. You get what you pay for and it is best to way up which of budget, versatility and performance you value most in your purchase.

Another great article is
They break it down to the different camera types and it is a great resource.

If you are interested, you can click here to go through to a little behind the scenes video i made at a recent shoot Riley and I did for the Brick Man Experince held in Perth 🙂

Thanks for reading see you next time!

Have a great day!

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