Travelled through the South Island of New Zealand in July 2014. My partner and I hired a camper van from Christchurch and set off for two weeks! We had the freedom to stop wherever we wanted to and soaked up a few good sleep ins! We were worried about being too cold but our little heater kept us warm each night which made the trip really enjoyable.

When I travel I sometimes find it hard to get motivated to take photos as it just feels like work, when instead I just want to get away from it and enjoy myself 🙂 On this trip we had a bit of a theme of Ashbey and I kissing in a fair few of our photos which gave me some inspiration to find some different angles of New Zealand rather then just seeing some mountains and rivers!

A trip to NZ is highly recommended if you have never been make sure its on your bucket list!

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HAYT8376 OmaraLookout_Flat