How to Take a Great Selfie-

I can’t believe I am writing this, but it’s a question I get asked a lot. With social media an important part of almost every person’s life, you may as well look good, right?

When taking selfies or just posing in photos with your friends, you want to look your best, so follow a few simple guidelines to get the best results.


Lighting –

Light is the single most important thing in photography, if there is no light, there is no photography. Move around to find the best light; you being in shade with your background being in shade (very important) will give you the most even light and will be the most flattering. If you are stuck in the sunshine, I would recommend putting the sun at either 10 or 2 over your shoulder. This will mean you and your pals are not squinting as badly as you would if you were looking directly into the sun. Also, no nasty shadows are running down your face over, accentuating that nose of yours.

Move to find the best light, as this will make the biggest difference!

In the photo below the sun is over our left shoulders, so it doesn’t create any nasty shadows 🙂



Angles –

Your body looks better at certain angles. Gentlemen, if you want to look buff, big and strong, then point straight onto the camera and stand up nice and tall. This will make your shoulders look broad.  Ladies, stand at about 45 degrees to the camera, as this will make you look slimmer, but don’t turn completely side on, as then this angle will show those parts you don’t want to like a flabby belly or the thighs you wish to keep hidden. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever turn side on and dip your shoulder towards the camera while bending your knee and having your arm on your hip. This is all too common with teenage girls, and you will risk looking like you’re at a bad underage party. Just don’t do it.

Don’t Hide –

The only thing more awkward than doing the above is when you have that one person trying to hide at the back. But it is usually that they are the shortest person in the group, and then you have this awkward floating head in the middle of a nicely formed row.

Come out from behind stand on the 45-degree angle with your hand on your hip and stand up nice and tall. This will go a long way to curbing those photo fears. 🙂


Smiling –

My biggest tip to help not getting a stale forced smile is to say something half funny, do a nice fake laugh and then just hold that laugh for a fraction longer than you usually would.

Laughing relaxes you and your face, so it looks a lot less staged and plus laughter is the best thing for your soul.

This is us bumping along a cobblestone street in Cuba last year.



Night Life-

Everyone wants a nice photo of you and your besties when you hit the town. However, unless you live near either the North or the South Pole, it will be night time when you head out. Turn the flash off on the phone to take the photo, then grab another friend’s (or two) phone and turn the flashlight on and direct it to the people you want to photograph.  Three things will happen. One, you won’t get that washed out look from when the flash typically goes. Two, you can move your light source up, down, right, left to light your subject. Three, you can guarantee the photo will be in focus, as it has enough light on the subject to focus correctly.

Hopefully, these tips will make you look and feel better in front of a camera. If you have any tips on things you have picked up, I would love to hear them. J



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Thanks again for stopping by and reading this; I hope you get value out of what I write. J

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