Tips to take better photos with your IPHONE –

The phone has a darn good camera, and the bonus is that you take it wherever you go. So why not become better and more efficient with it?

I am going touch on some techniques to go through to help improve your photo taking skills!


Composition –

Rule of thirds is an important rule to learn, and it’s pretty simple to do, as your iPhone has a tool built right in. Go to settings then to the camera and then turn on the grid. When you navigate back to your camera, you will find it now has a grid on it.

Using the rule of thirds is simple; the idea is instead of putting your subject right in the middle of the photo, try putting your subject on one side of your frame. The grid is there to guide you. Putting your subject where the lines intersect on your grid is using the rule of thirds, and it gives the photo much more interest and pulls you in.


Zoom –

The iPhone only has one lens, and it’s horrible when zoomed in. So use those legs and come closer in or further away from your subject to show what you want in the photo. This is not just a better way to get a better photo, but it will teach you how to compose your shot. If you are where you want and you can’t quite get everything in the frame, try using the panorama mode. Don’t sweep right across but just doing it a little bit to fit everything in the frame will get all the important bits in.



HDR is a handy inbuilt feature of your camera, turning it on auto will allow the dark spots (like shadows) in your photo and the light spots (like the sky) to have more detail as it kind of averages everything in the shot into one exposure. Although it takes multiple shots and makes it into one image, it is handy to note as the file size will be increased.


Focus –

Tap to focus is the most important tool of your iPhone as by tapping on the part of the shot you want to focus, this also changes the exposure for that point you focused. If there is a bright object close in the frame, then tap on the object to make the exposure correct for that object.

This works well most of the time, but if you tap on the screen and drag your finger up and down, this will change the exposure, up for brighter and down for darker. This will allow you to dial in exactly what you want to be exposed.



Flash –

Turn off your flash! About 99% of when you take a photo, the flash will generally make it worse. Turn it off and use the tips mentioned try to get a correctly exposed photo before you resort to flash mode!


My Favourite Trick –

So you want the perfect photo for when you are at a concert or music event?

The reason it never usually works is because what is behind you is normally much brighter than you are. When you use the flash on your camera it doesn’t compensate for the really bright and really dark parts of the photo just like below.

However – Next time you are at a concert grab another phone (or two) other than the one you are taking the photo with. Put the torch mode on and face it towards your subject.  This will hopefully even out the brightness a little bit and give you a better photo. Try using flash and no flash on the phone you are taking the photo with.


Following these tips will help you get the shot you want, and if they don’t, well then it wasn’t me who taught you these!

Have a great day!