On the 8th of December 2015, I held my #kissingourwayaroundtheworld photographic exhibition showcasing some of my favourite images from our adventures traveling the globe! We started #kissingourwayaroundtheworld for a bit of fun and a project to take some images whilst travelling.

Thank you to all who came down and showed your support i am truly honoured to know you all 🙂

Check our some images below from the night!

Thanks to

Inspired Money www.inspiredmoney.com.au for supplying the wine.

Pirate Life Brewing www.piratelife.com.au for supplying the beer.

Peche, Shu, Mim, Mitchell for helping out on the night! http://www.sofreshpeche.com http://soulofshu.com

Don Hancey for helping with with Catering http://donhancey.com.au/about/panorama-catering/

Thanks to Sean Finney for the photos 🙂


_17A9258 _17A9267 _17A9269 _17A9270 _17A9274 _17A9277 _17A9279 _17A9281 _17A9291 _17A9298 _17A9305 _17A9307 _17A9322 _17A9325 _17A9329 _17A9330 _17A9331 _17A9333 _17A9335 _17A9336 _17A9337 _17A9338 _17A9339 _17A9340 _17A9342 _17A9343 _17A9344 _17A9346 _17A9350 _17A9352 _17A9354 _17A9355 _17A9356 _17A9357 _17A9358 _17A9359 _17A9360 _17A9361 _17A9363 _17A9366 _17A9368 _17A9369 _17A9370 _17A9371